Introducing BOLT Pricing

BOLT stands for a Book’s Long Term pricing and is a new, innovative discounting model from Lightning Source that allows you to earn long term, incremental discounts based on the orders you ship with us.


How do I opt in?

You can sign up for BOLT pricing online through your account. You can find instructions for opting-in here


What are the benefits of opting in?

BOLT pricing allows you to enjoy incremental discounting that is not available as part of our standard rate card. Customers who opt in are rewarded with title-level discounts that are based on their total print volume and not just the size of a single order.


Standard rates vs. BOLT rates

Our standard rate cards offer fixed volume discounts that are applied at the order level; meaning you need to order more books to get the highest discounts.

With BOLT, you have a starting discount which increases with every unit shipped. The more you ship, the better the discount you earn and with no need to place a large order to earn a better discount.

In addition, your sales through our wholesale channels are counted towards the discounts earned on your publisher direct orders allowing you to save even more



For more information, updates, and an introductory video click here or check out our list of asked questions related to BOLT pricing here.


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