Listing Your Title as Available for Pre-Order

If you would like your book to be available for pre-order, it is important that a future publication date and on-sale date are used. It is recommended that the publication date and on-sale date are the same to obtain a pre-order listing. 

We use the on-sale date to determine when we ship orders (we ship pre-orders up to 10 business days before the on-sale date is reached). 

You may see retailer websites list your title as available for ordering with no mention of pre-order at all. As long as your on-sale date is in the future, we are holding any orders, although a retailer may not acknowledge this. Ultimately, Ingram sends out the metadata feed to the retailers, but we cannot control how every retailer lists a title on their website.


Tips to Remember

- It is normal to see the pre-order status removed within the 10 days before the on-sale date, as Ingram has already started shipping any existing orders.

- We are happy to offer the on-sale date feature to our publishers, but we cannot make any guarantees how retailers will list titles. We can only guarantee that we will not ship any orders until at least 10 days before the on-sale date.

- Please ensure your finalized files are submitted before you approve the title for distribution. We will not ship any books until 10 days prior to the on-sale date.

- We use the on-sale date active at the time a title is placed into distribution. If you update this date after the title is in production/distribution, we are unable to guarantee pre-orders and will refer to the original on-sale date.

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